CDRTool - Not rating Answered calls < 1 Second long.

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CDRTool - Not rating Answered calls < 1 Second long.

Alan Frisch
I am using CDRTool and am noticing that certains calls from one
particular user get rated as a "Free Call".

The user makes a call to a PSTN number (probably his own) and upon
answer, hangs up immediately (probably some kind of system monitoring
call).  Since the call is answered (200 OK) and hung-up in the same
"second" the AcctStartTime and AcctStopTime are the same and Duration
is 0 in Radius.  CDRTool then rates this as a free call.

These PSTN calls are routed to an Asterisk box, which according to
it's own CDRS gives an ANSWER disposition and call duration of 1

ther I use MediaProxy or not.  If MediaProxy is use, seems that the
caller never actually connects to MP as the KB transfered and Caller
Codec are not filled in.

Is there a way to get CDRTool to properly rate these calls, since they
are in fact answered calls?

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