Dispatcher Module to Load Balance Many Asterisk Servers

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Dispatcher Module to Load Balance Many Asterisk Servers

Geoffrey Mina
Hello all,
I am just starting to evaluate OpenSIPs for our network. Currently we use a Foundry ServerIron 4G to load balance our inbound SIP traffic from our carrier. I want to phase out this device and replace it with something more open and flexible. It seems like OpenSIPs is the perfect candidate. I have a question regarding the dispatcher module... and perhaps even SIP in general.

What I am looking to do is have the OpenSIPs server handle ONLY the initial INVITE. I want that INVITE forwarded and then the entire transaction to complete with the forwarded asterisk server. It would look something like:

Service Provider --> INVITE --> OpenSIPs (dispatcher) --> INVITE --> ASTERISK
ASTERISK --> TRYING --> Service Provider
ASTERISK --> OK --> Service Provider
Service Provider --> BYE --> Asterisk

Obviously the above scenario is greatly simplified, but hopefully i have made my point. The questions I have now are:

1 - is it even possible with SIP to remove a route hop?
2 - if yes to #1, what mechanism inside OpenSIPS would I use to accomplish this?
3 - if no to #1 or #2, how do I ensure all subsequent messages go to the correct asterisk server if I am doing round-robin load balancing with the dispatcher module?

Thanks, I am really looking forward to getting involved with this project, looks awesome so far.

Geoff MINA
Chief Technical Officer
Connect First Inc.
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