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[FIXED] TM final reply selection

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

Even if this is a fix, I think it is important for all of you to be aware of it, as it will visibly change the OpenSIPS' behaviour.

It is about branch selection at parallel forking in TM module. Originally, the lowest negative code was selected (when all branches were failing). But there were issues as some codes are reporting useful info, other not (disregarding the code number).

The new priority order is:

487 (as result of UAC cancel)  prio=0
6xx replies                    prio=3xx
3xx replies                    prio=4xx
401/407 (authentication)       prio=5xx
415 (Unsupported Media Type)
420 (Bad Extension)
484 (Address Incomplete)
4xx                            prio=6xx
5xx                            prio=7xx
408 (timeout)                  prio=8xx
503 (UAS failure indication)

Just to know what to expect :)


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