Has anyone configured CDRTool on centos.

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Has anyone configured CDRTool on centos.

hi all,
   I am trying to configure CDRtool on centos system. I has apache 2 and php5 installed with all its dependencies. when i try to opens the CDRTool page  it informs me as

CDRTool setup

CDRTool has not been setup on this machine yet.

You must first setup php, apache and to create the cdrtool database. Detailed installation instructions are available in doc/INSTALL.txt

Once the database is available, create the cdrtool configuration file by copying the sample configuration file:

cp setup/global.inc.simple.sample /etc/cdrtool/global.inc

Then edit the configuration file global.inc to reflect your platform setup.

Thanking You,
Ashwini BR Naidu

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