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[Inquiry] 487 Request Cancelled processing

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

There were some discussion on the list on the topic if a cancelled call
should hit the failure route or not, or more technically said, if the
"487 request cancelled" should be caught by the failure route or not.

The  argument for transparently and automatically handle this reply is:
if the call was cancelled by the caller, you as a proxy cannot do
anything about (like forking) - you have to obey and send back the
reply. Right now you have to manually handle this case in failure route
via t_was_cancelled() function. So, automatizing this will reduce the
complexity of the script (special cases are automatically handled).
Anyhow, logically speaking, a caller cancelling should not be translated
in a call failure...

The only argument against is that you will not be able to log info
related to this reply from failure_route - but you can do it from
onreply_route. The accounting part will not be affected at all.

My question is if somebody uses some tricky configuration where he needs
to catch the 487 reply in failure route ?


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