Load Balancer looses Load on Reboot

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Load Balancer looses Load on Reboot


We are implementing a Active, Standby redundancy setup for out load balancer using pacemaker.

We have dialog support on our config file, and db_mode setup to 1 ( realtime ) to keep the ongoing dialogs in the database.

I can restart opensips ( using the init.d / not sure why my opensipsctl restart fails) and I can see my dialogs after the restart using, opensipsctl fifo dlg_list.

However, when I check the lb module, opensipsctl fifo lb_list, the load values are empty. Like the module didn't read from the dialog the "preserved" dialogs.

I found this discussion http://www.openser.org/pipermail/users/2010-March/011360.html where it seems like bogdan fixed it.  They talk about the SVN on times 1.6.2 was out

I'm running stable 1.6.4.

Does anyone else has a problem with this, or is it just me? Could I be missing something else from the lb module?

I really appreciate your help,


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