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Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

Last week I added in OpenSIPS 1.5 an extension to MI (Management
Interface) that allow a module to flush partial MI replies to the
transport layer.

This extension wants to fix a bug/limitation from previous versions:
trying to print a large amount of data from OpenSIPS to the outside.

Ex: opensipsctl ul show  may fail if you have a large number of
subscribers registered, because the private memory is not enough for
building the list with all the subscriber, so this command may
consistently fail

There is the same for other commands like listing the dialogs.

With the new extension, the reply data is transfered in chunks
(periodically flushed) to the transport layer, so the available memory
will not be a limitation.

So, in OpenSIPS 1.5, the Management Interface has no limitation when
comes in transfering large amounts of data (registered users, dialogs,
etc). This allow the smooth size scaling of OpenSIPS without any penalties.


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