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[NEW] ALIAS_DB enhancements

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

The 1.6 version (trunk) has new enhancements for the alias_db module :

1) perform alias lookups with custom URI input and custom URI output -
instead of using fixed input (RURI) and fixed output (RURI), the new
"alias_db_find" function is able to get the input SIP URI from a
pseudo-variable and place the result back also in a pseudo-variable.

2) reverse lookup - you perform URI-to-alias lookups also (previous only
alias-to-URI lookups were possible) - the "r" flag to the lookup
function reverse the lookup direction. This is very useful when heaving
PBXs (with extensions) behind OpenSIPS: when users from behind PBX are
dialling out and the proxy needs to replace the SIP URI with the alias
(as outbound identity) - alias-2-URI for inbound calls and URI-2-alias
for outbound calls, so only the alias is visible to the outside world.

3) use_domain global parameter was replace with the "d" per-lookup flag.
This allows your opensips to perform in the same time lookups with or
without domain part. This is useful when you consider the multi-domain
scenario where you have SIP aliases (and user+domain lookups are
required) and DID aliases (only user based lookups are required) (a DID
is defined only by number and the domain part is irrelevant - even if
you dial [hidden email] or [hidden email], it is the same target).

For more, please also refer to http://www.opensips.org/Main/Ver160#toc3


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