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[NEW] More enhancements in DISPATCHER module

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

I just added 2 new interesting enhancements to the dispatcher module (on
OpenSIPS 1.6 / trunk ) :

Weight for destination

The definition of the destinations includes a weight of that
destination. This weight is to be used for controlling the distribution
(as ratio) between the peers. Without weight, a relating equal shares of
traffic is sent to all the peers; using weights, you can sent different
shares (like 25% for one destinations, 60% to other and 15% to the third).

The weights are not necessary percentages - they simply define the
distribution between the destinations, in a similar way as weights works
for DNS : a entry with higher weight will have higher chances to be

The weights to not affect the existing dispatching algorithms - it works
for all except the Round Robin algorithm were weight is simply ignored.

Attributes for destination

The definition of the destinations includes a opaque string of
attributes of that destination. This string is not used by the
dispatcher module at all - it is simply made available in script
whenever the destination is selected (by the functions of the dispatcher

This attribute string may encode whatever information about the
destination, information useful to have when you use the destination. To
get the attributes string, you simply have to put the string in the
destination definition (DB or file) and to define the module parameter
"attrs_avp" - this is the AVP that will be populated with the attribute


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