[NEW] domain module exports stored domains as aliases

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[NEW] domain module exports stored domains as aliases

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

An older problem was finally fixed in OpenSIPS 1.5 - the Domain module
is automatically exporting the provisioned domains as aliases to the
OpenSIPS core.

This is highly needed as there are other modules (or script functions
exported by core) which needs to know what are all the local domains.
Modules like RR (Record Route) which needs to identify the "Route"
pointing to any of the local domains.

This solves the problem of properly detecting Pre-loaded routes which
uses domain names (very popular) instead of IPs.

Right now we can say we have 100% complete multi-domain support in
OpenSIPS - there is no need anymore to list the supported domains as
aliases in script. Everything can be easyly provisioned via the domain


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