New MediaProxy release 2.3.3

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New MediaProxy release 2.3.3

Adrian Georgescu

There is a new release of MediaProxy available, it contains various bug fixes. To upgrade your debian installation:

apt-get update
apt-get install mediaproxy-dispatcher mediaproxy-relay mediaproxy-web-sessions

Or download the tar file from:

The changelog since 2.3.2 is below:

mediaproxy (2.3.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Re-raise the exception on failing to read RADIUS config file so we get a
    full traceback
  * Have dispatcher close TLS connection cleanly when relay has duplicate IP
  * Added log_level to both Relay and Dispatcher configuration sections
  * Improved reconnection behaviour in relay to dispatcher
    When the connection from the relay to the dispatcher is lost, first retry
    in 1 second, then retry in 10 second on subsequent attempts if it loses
    the connection again.
  * Fix bug where relay connects needlessly to previously removed dispatcher
  * Implemented a keepalive mechanism from relay to dispatcher
  * On relay reconnect don't have dispatcher query expired sessions
  * Removed superfluous datatype declaration
  * Only allow positive integers for time intervals and delays
  * Updated version dependency for python-application
  * In dispatcher, replace old connection from relay with new one instead of
    giving an error
  * In the dispatcher, check if the reported expired session belongs to the
    relay that reported it
  * Improved log messages when a relay reconnects to the dispatcher
  * In dispatcher, break the connection to a relay if a request times out
  * In dispatcher check if we know about the session that expired at relay
  * Use a more robust strategy to disconnect an unresponsive relay

Kind regards,
Adrian Georgescu

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