New features in modules cfgutils and group.

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New features in modules cfgutils and group.

Sergio Gutierrez
Hello to all members.

According to suggestions posted on list by two users, there are two new features which have been implemented in cfgutils and group modules, which help to make more flexible and dynamic the script operation.

One feature is in sleep() and usleep() functions, allowing these functions receive the amount of seconds and microseconds to sleep respectively, through a pseudovariable. This would allow to read the delay, for example from database, or from an avp according to particular needs.

The other feature is in function is_user_in() in group module. The second parameter of this function, the group to be checked, can now be passed through a pseudovariable. This would allow that script does not contain the reference groups fixed, but they have dynamic values.

We hope these features be useful to all. They are availabe in latest trunk revision.

Thanks to Gustavo Mistrinelli by suggesting and testing pseudovar argument for is_user_in() and to Amar Mahmoud by suggesting pseudovar argument for sleep() function.

Best regards to all.

Sergio GutiƩrrez

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