OpenSIPS Control Panel 2.0 is now released

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OpenSIPS Control Panel 2.0 is now released

Iulia Bublea-2

OpenSIPS-CP version 2.0 is a major release of the OpenSIPS Control Panel
project. The new 2.0 version is compatible with OpenSIPS 1.5.x.

Release 2.0 fixes several bugs, brings polishing for the existing tools
and rework/cleanup of the DB scheme (definitions and interwork with

Also, version 2.0 brings there new tools:
     * dispatcher - provisioning of the dispatcher lists via DB, cache
reload via MI
     * nathelper - provisioning of the RTPproxy sets via DB, cache
inspection and reload (MI), RTPproxy enable/disable (via MI), ping
enable/disable (MI).
     * permissions - provisioning via DB of the trusted set of addresses.

Another improvement is the extension of the drouting tool by adding
list-based route handling, giving the freedom of choosing between
creating your own list of gateways or using a predefined list.

OpenSIPS 2.0 is now available for download on SF download system: 


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