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OpenSIPS WebSite - new re-design

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

In order to accept user's feedback to documentation and website info, in
the last weeks, the website was re-worked with the new adds-on:


- anybody can register with the web site (see right upper corner) and
create an account on the web site (email for conformation is required)

- any registered user has full edit permissions on the web site content


- anybody (no registration required) is allow to post comments on web
page which allow this . Like:


I hope, by these changes, to improve the docs by receiving help and
support from whoever is interested in - the docs will be more user
friendly (as the users will be able to edit them) and also more details
(feedback via comments).

Please let me know if you find issues with the registration process (in
alpha stage).

Also, feel free to add the comments options to whatever pages you
consider (via edit).


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