[OpenSIPS/opensips] 4af0bd: Fix the shared IPC support

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[OpenSIPS/opensips] 4af0bd: Fix the shared IPC support

Liviu Chircu
  Branch: refs/heads/feature/freeswitch-extended-integration
  Home:   https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips
  Commit: 4af0bdc4816340c26b7067adb556cbd7a6830002
  Author: Liviu Chircu <[hidden email]>
  Date:   2017-12-14 (Thu, 14 Dec 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M ipc.c
    M ipc.h
    M net/net_tcp_proc.c
    M net/net_udp.c
    M timer.c

  Log Message:
  Fix the shared IPC support

The initial implementation was incomplete

  Commit: 04c99b8407ae348ccfaa42875f307e961b33fdc1
  Author: Liviu Chircu <[hidden email]>
  Date:   2017-12-14 (Thu, 14 Dec 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M modules/freeswitch/fs_api.c
    M modules/freeswitch/fs_api.h
    M modules/freeswitch/fs_ipc.c
    M modules/freeswitch/fs_ipc.h
    M modules/freeswitch/fs_proc.c
    R modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_api.c
    R modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_api.h
    M modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_evs.c
    M modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_ipc.c
    M modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_ipc.h
    M modules/freeswitch_scripting/fss_mod.c

  Log Message:
  freeswitch: Further implement generic event subscribing

Currently, we can subscribe for generic FS events and they get
fired into "freeswitch_scripting" via the shared IPC support.

Patch summary:
    - add FS ESL command building logic
    - refactor the api->evs_sub() function to take an ipc_handler_type
      as parameter.
    - drop the freeswitch_scripting API. No longer needed.
    - simplify data structures

Compare: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/compare/97c31c87a384...04c99b8407ae
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