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Sorry for my english, but i need something.

I'm working in my university project, and i need to do a virtual PBX,
and the only way i know that i can do it, is using opensips.

I was studying some scripts, but i have a little dificult to understand

What i need is, some script that can validate the REGISTER of user in
some mysql table (like subscriber), log the informations of calls in the
database (like in acc table, this i'm sure i can do) and it have to work
in different networks (i guess with RTP Proxy, and this is my greater
dificult to find some examples, because i dont know if the script change
with the RTP working). And of course, can make calls between user in the
some domain like '[hidden email]' can make calls to
'[hidden email]', but cannot do to '[hidden email]', can you
understand? this is a dificult too, because i don't know if is possible
to do.

Does anyone have a example script for Opensips that has these features?

Thanks in advanced,

Brenno Passanha

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