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aby azid

We are having problem with our OpenXCAP(1.0.7, Debian Lenny 64 bit) server. The problem is when we change the Authentication configuration to Digest. Below are the trace from client to OpenXCAP server.

Authorization: Digest username="<username>", realm="(nil)", nonce="593115322637208955488944670201663923195045610567807317020", uri="/xcap-root/pres-rules/users/<username>/index.xml", response="55b12294755f4663a1d2b8b0f306fde4", opaque="043075068332a06fdc80559933b13d54-NTkzMTE1MzIyNjM3MjA4OTU1NDg4OTQ0NjcwMjAxNjYzOTIzMTk1MDQ1NjEwNTY3ODA3MzE3MDIw

from the trace the realm value is 'nil' and as expected the client received 401 unauthorized message even though the client is responding with a correct username and password. AFAIK we need the realm value for HA1 digest authentication scheme e.g HA1 = MD5(username:realm:password).

Here is the config.ini for our OpenXCAP server:

address =
port = 8000
root = <openxcap url>
backend =  OpenSER
document_validation = Yes

; * log stack trace for 500 Internal Error only (default)
; * log stack trace (if available) for any error
; * log responses sent to the client for 400 and 409 errors (default is none)
; * log headers sent by the client for 401 errors (default is none)

;type = basic
type = digest
cleartext_passwords = Yes
default_realm = <opensips ip>
trusted_peers =

;certificate = tls/server.crt
;private_key = tls/server.key

authentication_db_uri = <dbase url>
storage_db_uri = <dbase url>
subscriber_table = subscriber
xcap_table = xcap

xmlrpc_url = http://<opensips server>:8080
; enable_publish_xcapdiff = yes

If we change the OpenXCAP authentication to Basic, everything works fine but we need to use Digest for our solution. Really appreciate if someone can explain / show the cause of this problem

Thank you,
Aby Azid

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