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John Rose
> From: [hidden email] [mailto:users-
> 2009/2/12 John Rose <[hidden email]>:
> > I'm on SER, Kamalilo and OpenSIPS mailing lists. This is by far the
> most
> > lively list. Kamalilo list is dead as far as I can see...
> Kamailio list is really far from being dead. It has more or less the
> same traffic as OpenSIPS list. Both are alive.


The links are broken on their website and I don't get any emails ... maybe I need to re-register :)

Good to hear though I was wondering what was going on.

Either way, I think Geoffrey was a little too thin skinned trying to balance the line between writing the script himself and seeking paid consultation. There was a little jesting and advice but certainly no flaming as he claimed.


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