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Polycom Encryption + OpenSIPS

Hi there,

so i managed to get the pre configured VM of opensips working and registered
two Polycom Videoconference systems. I have a subdomain which has the IP
address of my sip server so i can actualy register the users and make calls.
Both polycom systems are on the internet without a FW on their own IP
Address just like the server. First problem is that i cannot make a call
with IP from one system to the other, even though both are registered, same
isue with video or audio calls, i get an error message saying that the
called user cannot be found because that adress may be invalid, as if he
cannot trace the user ([hidden email]).

Can someone tell me what might be causing such a problem that one system
cannot call the other registered on the same server?

Second thing i wanted to ask is, is it possible that 2 protocols SIP and an
encryption such as h.323, because whenever i turn on the option in the
settings for h.323 i get an exception error when trying to make a sip call
that the security settings are incorect.

THank you for your time, i am new at this and have this small project to
finich, it just needs to be able to register and make a call between the two
systems and i have a passing grade :)

Thank you in advance.

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