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Prefix format in routing script

Carlo Dimaggio
Hi all,

I would change my opensips.cfg from lcr to dynamic routing in order to  
use the routing features (time/priority) of the drouting module.
However I have some problems with the routing prefix. In the DB I  
usually use the prefix +39<NUM> but as I can see, drouting cannot  
permit non-numbers.

So I am a little bit confused because I have different situations  
(with several changes for ruri in opensips.cfg)

1) dbaliases (for DID match) with prefix +39
2) external routing (drouting) with prefix 0039
3) ENUM query with prefix +39
3) CDRTool numbers for billing with prefix 0039

My question is: how could be the right format to store these  
information? +39<NUM> or 0039<NUM>? How can I uniform the routing  

I hope you can help me :)

Thanks and regards,
Carlo Dimaggio

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