Problem when using together opensips + mediaproxy

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Problem when using together opensips + mediaproxy

Hello, some days ago I told about a problem that I got suddenly when
restarting opensips, when no phone could be registered afterwards.
After uncountable hours of searching I found the root of the problem.

When the problem starts, it seems related to opensips opening
/var/run/mediaproxy/dispatcher.sock, not being able to use the command
setsockoptions that socket.
The only way I had to fix this was to delete the contents of
/var/run/mediaproxy/* after stoping mediaproxy-dispatcher/relay

I am using current versions of both programs, and I tested on debian
lenny / ubuntu hardy with same results
      .- opensips 1.4.3
      .- mediaproxy 2.3.1

If you want the configs I can send them on a PM


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