Problems encountered when load testing opensips

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Problems encountered when load testing opensips

Juan Backson

I am encountering several problems when load testing opensips with sipp.

Problem 1:

First, everytime I restart opensips and then stop opensips ( with Ctrl -C) , the free memory count decreases by around 200M.  It seems like then stopping opensips, the memory is not being released.  Is this something wrong with the way we  start and stop opensips?
As shown below, my 2G box has only 27M memory left after restarting opensips for 5 times.

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       1016020     988720      27300          0      10776     200824
-/+ buffers/cache:     777120     238900
Swap:      2031608     619524    1412084

In my config.h, I have:
#define PKG_MEM_POOL_SIZE 1024*1024*10       
#define SHM_MEM_SIZE 1024                              

Problem 2:

After around 7000 registration, opensips is giving the following error:

Dec  5 16:34:26 [23230] INFO:auth:reserve_nonce_index: no more indexes available
Dec  5 16:34:26 [23230] ERROR:auth:build_auth_hf: no more nonces can be generated
Dec  5 16:34:26 [23230] ERROR:auth:challenge: failed to generate nonce

How can this error be resolved?

Problem 3:

When I configure sipp to send 70 REGISTER requests per second, I am getting the following error:

Dec  5 16:36:00 [23230] ERROR:tm:sip_msg_cloner: no more share memory
Dec  5 16:36:00 [23230] ERROR:tm:new_t: out of mem
Dec  5 16:36:00 [23230] ERROR:tm:t_newtran: new_t failed

Does anyone know where I can set the config to maximum the load of opensips for this 2G Mem box?

Thanks for all your help


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