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Andreas Bøckmann

Sure - I can take a trace from b2b and from the proxy.
Do you have any tips of how I can easily anonymize signaling traces to avoid exposing IPs?

But .. :) as the BYEs which are not responded to (or accepted as the call is not disconnected) by the gateway is sent from the OpenSIPS proxy between B2B and gateway, wouldn't it make more sense to look at those? (see original post).

"LegA":  B2B-->Proxy-->GW   - not disconnected and BYE not responded to
"LegB":  B2B-->MediaServer   - MediaServer sends BYE - LegA later bridged with LegC.
"LegC":  B2B-->Proxy-->GW   - disconnected OK and BYE responded 200 OK

The INV/BYE+200 messages between proxy and gateway:

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Hi Andreas,

First of all you need to be sure about the attempted signaling from
opensips side - do you have a SIP capture from the b2b machine, showing
all the legs ? it is interesting to see the signaling.

Best regards,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
   OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

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