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Re: Installing Mediaproxy 2.1 problem !

Nuno Marques-3-3
I solved my problem installing the testing version (Lenny i suppose), then used the repository to instal with apt-get.
Everything worked fine.
Thanks to all.



2008/11/3 Dan Pascu <[hidden email]>
On Friday 31 October 2008, Nuno Marques wrote:
> Back again,
>    I checked all libnetfilter-conntrack, and there is a version for the
> testing version of debian 0.0.96-1.
>    Can i upgrade this package on my etch version?

You can if you rebuild the package for etch.

>    Or can't i install mediaproxy on an etch release?

You can if you know your way around building debian packages and solving
their dependencies. Else use testing (soon to become the next stable


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