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Anca Vamanu

A new module was added to trunk: '*signaling*'.
It represents an interface for sending SIP replies, having the utility
of sending the appropriate reply, statefull or stateless.
It comes to solve the functional problem we had until now, when a
transaction was created from the script, but replies were sent stateless.
At coding level, the module comes over tm and sl and decides how to send
the reply by searching whether a transaction exists. Also, the module
does not require loading both sl and tm module, but accept also only one
of this to be loaded and sends reply with it.
All modules that currently send SIP replies will be updated to use the
function exported by this module. It is also advisable to use it from
the script to avoid errors.


Anca Vamanu wrote:

> Revision: 4913
> Author:   anca_vamanu
> Date:     2008-11-06 13:34:22 +0000 (Thu, 06 Nov 2008)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> - added new module "signaling" - a unique interface for sending SIP replies that comes over sl and tm module
> - it sends a reply in an appropriate mode( statefull or stateless) depending on whether a transaction was created for that request
> - it exports functions to be used from other module and from script
> - it offers the possibility of loading only one of the modules( tm and sl) and replies will be sent using the module that was loaded.
> Added Paths:
> -----------
>     trunk/modules/signaling/
>     trunk/modules/signaling/Makefile
>     trunk/modules/signaling/README
>     trunk/modules/signaling/doc/
>     trunk/modules/signaling/doc/signaling.xml
>     trunk/modules/signaling/doc/signaling_admin.xml
>     trunk/modules/signaling/signaling.c
>     trunk/modules/signaling/signaling.h
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