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Yoo Chan Jeon
Hello, Anca
I download this morning. I built and ran the presence server.
I guess that  rls_handle_suscribe() still has a problem.
After receving the SUBSCRIBR msg, it returns the NOTIFY msg without any body,
and did not send  SUBSCRIBE msgs to each list.
On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 6:14 AM, Anca Vamanu <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi Jeon,

The latest svn trunk( from Thursday) has the fix for this. Please update to the latest.


Yoo Chan Jeon wrote:
Hi,  Anca
 I download the codes from trunk side.
I got a compile error.
 rls/notify.c:765 'subs_t' has no member named 'sockinfo_str'
rls/notify.c:769 'subs_t' has no member named 'sockinfo_str'
rls/notify.c:769 'subs_t' has no member named 'sockinfo_str'
 I found out that in presence/subscribe.h
struct subscription
     struct socket_info* sockinfo;

} is defined.
  But rls/notify.c use the one  in the 1.4 release which is  struct subscription
     str sockinfo_str;
  Would you fix this one?
I always appreciate your help.
 On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 8:43 AM, Anca Vamanu <[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:

   Hi Jeon,

   I have committed the fixes on trunk. Could you please update and


   Yoo Chan Jeon wrote:

       Now I understand how Openser RLS works.
        My answers are in the red texts.
       I am wondering if I have to change the codes.

       On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 12:15 PM, Anca Vamanu
       <[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>
       <mailto:[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>>>


          Hi Jeon,

          You are almost there :) but missing one piece of
       information that
          I will provide to you now.

          Yoo Chan Jeon wrote:

              Thanks Anca.
              I checked the Wireshark trace, and your presentation.
              Openser RLS seems to send a notify to the user before it
              receives notify msgs from the presence server.
              The  Wireshark trace steps are following:
              I explained  the trace using your  presentation:                   1.Eyebeam  subscibes to my list
              2. Openser RLS  subscribes  to Presence server.
              3. Openser RLS sends a 200 to the Eyebeam.
              4. Openser RLS sends a full notify to the Eyebeam without
              presence states.

          When receiving a Subscribe, RLS , as any notifier is obliged to
          send an immediate Notify. So RLS check what state
       information it
          has , and since it has none at that time - it sends a
       Notify with
          empty body.
          On the other hand, does this Notify receive a 200 OK from
                   I am using the UA built using Sofia SIp

          No, it receives the 400  Bad content Type header

         I looked at the Notify msg which is sent from RLS.
         It has a minor problem in the  Content-Type header
         Our RLS has a
         I checked this type with  rfc 4662
         rfc 4662 has a
           There are three ''(doulbe quote) difference.
         After I changed the  rls_notify_extra_hdr()  in the
       rls/notify.c  to the same as in the rfc 4662 .
         Notify msg does not inlcude xml body anymore.
         Before the change, it has a xml body.
         The chages are made in the following. I only changed the two
        if(start_cid && boundary_string)


        str_hdr->len+= sprintf(str_hdr->s+str_hdr->len,


        "Content-Type: multipart/related;type=\"application/rlmi+xml\"");

        str_hdr->len+= sprintf(str_hdr->s+str_hdr->len,

        //";start= <%s>;boundary=%s\r\n", start_cid, boundary_string);

        ";start=\"<%s>\";boundary=%s\r\n", start_cid, boundary_string);



              5. Presence server sends notify msgs to the Openser RLS.

          Now, when receiving a Notify from the presence server, the RLS
          should send a Notify to Eyebeam with the update of the
       state. Do
          you see that?

          I want to mention that there were some problems discovered
       in RLS
          at SIPIT, two weeks ago and I am working now at fixing
       those. They
          could also appear in your tests. Anyhow any trouble that
       you find,
          please report and I will check to see if it is a new or
       know one.

          Do you use the latest version of Eyebeam? Does it have RLS

          Anca Vamanu

                  I guess that step 4 should be called after step 5.
                  I checked the codes again.
              The rls_handle_subscribe() calls resource_subscription(),
              reply_200(), and send_full_notify().
              The resource_suscription() does the step 2.
              The reply_200() does the step 3.
              The send_full_notify() dose the step 4.
                  The rls_handle_subscribe() never wait for step 5.
              What did I do wrong ?        Thanks

                  On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 9:14 AM, Anca Vamanu
              <[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>
           <mailto:[hidden email]
           <mailto:[hidden email]>>> wrote:

                  You can also find the slide presentation here:


                  Anca Vamanu wrote:

                      Hi Jeon,

                      You are missing something.
                      Here is a link at the slides from the
           presentation I held
                      at VON, San Jose this year -
                       ( we
                      will put it on our site also).
                      At page 24 there is a scheme with how RLS works.
                      It interacts with the client by receiving a
           Subscribe to
                      a list and sending it an aggregate Notify.
                      To get the info to put in the Notify it sends
                      for each buddy in list to the presence server (
           where the
                      clients have sent Publish messages). The server
           will then
                      reply with Notifies that will be processed with
                      rls_handle_notify function.


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