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Franz Edler-3
look at:

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From: "manal rifki"
Date: 20.05.2009 13:02
To: [hidden email], [hidden email]


i am trying to install presence server in my openimscore plateforme. i try to follow steps in that tutoriel :

i have installed openser and openser-mysql-module and openser-presence-module and also the required packages.
after that i try to run the script as it is mentionned in the tutoriel but it doesn't work:
manal@manal-laptop:~$ openser_mysql create
bash: openser_mysql : commande introuvable
manal@manal-laptop:~$ cd /etc/openser/
openser$ openser_mysql create
bash: openser_mysql : commande introuvable

maybe because i use now openser v1.3.2-2 on ubuntu 8.10
where can i find openser v1.2.0! i have looked for it in but i didn't succeed to find it!

please help me! i don't know how to resolve that problem!

best regards,

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