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Re: does PUA send SUBSCRIBE?

Anca Vamanu-2
Hi Vasant,

Please do not sent e-mail to me directly, but to the list.
Pua module can be used to send subscribe requests. It is currently used
by the pua_mi module( you can send MI commands to trigger Subscribe
requests), pua_bla modules and pua_xmpp modules.
The flow is that you trigger a subscribe request by calling send_publish
function from pua module and then catch Notifies that are directed to
the server and belong to a known dialog.


vasant.j wrote:

> Hi Anca,
>                I am working on PUA module.I understood that PUA sends
> PUBLISH for every change in status.
> My query is "Does PUA sends SUBSCRIBE also.If yes,what is the flow ?."
> waiting for ur reply.......
> Thank you in advance,
> With Regards
> vasant

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