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Regression after patch

Dan Pascu

Patch ec1889638a9d43280ba1362f6108a175efd4a854 (Proper error handling in handle_subscribe) introduced a regression.

Now every time I receive a SUBSCRIBE (no matter what event: presence.winfo, message-summary, xcap-diff, ...) I get this logged:

Jun 20 17:04:01 node15 ./opensips[26916]: CRITICAL:db_mysql:wrapper_single_mysql_stmt_execute: driver error (1048): Column 'to_tag' cannot be null
Jun 20 17:04:01 node15 ./opensips[26916]: ERROR:presence:insert_subs_db: unsuccessful sql insert
Jun 20 17:04:01 node15 ./opensips[26916]: ERROR:presence:update_subscription: failed to insert subscription in database
Jun 20 17:04:01 node15 ./opensips[26916]: ERROR:presence:handle_subscribe: in update_subscription

and nothing gets inserted into active_watchers ever

If I revert this patch it works fine again.


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