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SER/Asterisk interworking mailing list.

Alex Balashov

As a developer and consultant who spends considerable time on projects
involving the fusion of Asterisk and products derived from the SER
ecosystem (OpenSER, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, the new SIP-Router), I have
found that there is a great volume of interest in this topic on the
mailing lists associated with all communities involved, but a
comparative lack of focus that results in duplicated effort and lack of
specialised response.

This is mainly due, I think, to the fact that detailed Asterisk
experience - while common - is not a prerequisite for working with the
SER products, while for Asterisk people SER can often be a next step in
scalability and VoIP service delivery platform enhancement that they are
just getting into.  And so on.  There's pollution in the respective
discursive spaces;  a lot of Asterisk people posting to the SER lists
ask a lot of Asterisk-specific questions in addition to any they may
have about SER which can be construed as potentially off-topic by some
members, and the opposite is true on the Asterisk lists when detailed,
involved discussion about SER occurs.

We need to capture that discussion that exists at the overlap and is
specifically concerned with making these two systems work together,
requiring somewhat detailed and esoteric understanding of both and a
community of user support and knowledge that focuses on both of these
conceptual and product universes.

Toward that end, I am hosting a new mailing list with this succinct
purpose, if slightly unwieldy name, and encourage all interested to
join.  It is called 'SER-Asterisk-Interwork' and can be accessed for
subscription here:

The archives are available here:

You can post to the list at:

[hidden email]

It's the same GNU Mailman stuff you are already used to.

While it could be argued that this cross-product discussion is valuable
to retain in both communities, I think there is considerable benefit to
creating a specialised mailing list that focuses specifically on this
integration path and the unique interoperation and configuration issues
it creates.  I think it would be good to get some of this discussion off
of the SER and Asterisk-specific mailing lists where it has somewhat
marginal relevance at times and refocus it.  If you agree and are
interested in this topic, you are invited to join the list.

One last note:  The SER/OpenSER community has been in a state of flux
recently, with OpenSER undergoing a name change to Kamailio and
subsequently seeing a fork.  The incumbent Kamailio project is now
in the process of merging with the original SER project.  The choice of
nomenclature for list is not meant to imply an endorsement of or
affinity for the IPTel SER project per se.  It is just that right now it
serves the aim of terseness to use a common denominator, to refer to
this family of projects as the "SER ecosystem."  Whether you are a SER,
OpenSER, Kamailio, or OpenSIPS user, you are part of that "SER
ecosystem."  That is why the list is named what it is.

Thank you,

-- Alex

Alex Balashov
Evariste Systems
Web    :
Tel    : (+1) (678) 954-0670
Direct : (+1) (678) 954-0671
Mobile : (+1) (706) 338-8599

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