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SIP SIMPLE client release

Adrian Georgescu

SIP SIMPLE client is a Python software library built on top of PJSIP  
that together with middleware allows for easy development of Client/
Server and Peer-to-Peer Internet communications end-points based on  
SIP SIMPLE protocols for voice, video, presence, instant messaging  
(IM) and file transfer capabilities.

The goal of this project is to deliver the best Open Source Python  
library for rich featured SIP end-points, while hiding the complex  
underlying functionality behind an easy to use high-level application-
programming interface. This package supports to the SDP negotiation,  
audio codecs and NAT traversal functionality provided by PJSIP and  
will thus deliver rich communications combining instant messaging  
(IM), voice and video streams. It also supports file transfer and  
multi-party chat sessions using MSRP protocol, publication and  
subscription for rich presence information such as availability,  
moods, activities and geo-location, management for presence rules,  
resource lists, RLS services using XCAP protocol.

The software allows you to create elegant real-time communications  
applications without having to read the +1200 RFC documents behind it.

SIP SIMPLE client is closely developed together with and tested  
against the most popular SIP SIMPLE server software available today:  
OpenSIPS, OpenXCAP and MSRPRelay.

Included with the library, a set of command line tools are available  
for setting up audio, Instant Messaging and file transfer sessions,  
publish and subscribe to presence or other type of events.

        • sip_register - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar
        • sip_audio_session - Setup a voice audio session (Voice over IP)
        • sip_im_session - Setup IM session and File transfer using MSRP  
        • sip_message - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method
        • sip_publish_presence - PUBLISH presence to a SIP Presence Agent
        • sip_subscribe_presence - SUBSCRIBE to presence information
        • sip_subscribe_winfo - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence  
        • sip_subscribe_rls - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by Resource List  
        • xcapclient - PUT/GET/DELETE full or partial documents on an XCAP  
        • xcap_pres_rules - Manage content of pres-rules XCAP document
        • xcap_rls_services - Manage content of RLS services XCAP document

Binary packages are available for Debian or Ubuntu on i386 and amd64  

Installation instructions and the source code are available at:

Feedback is welcome and if you wish to contribute or obtain support  
follow the information provided on the home page of the project.

Kind regards,
Adrian Georgescu

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