Sigfault in opensips 2.1 git rev. a173499

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Sigfault in opensips 2.1 git rev. a173499


I recently installed opensips version 2.1 with git revision a173499 on a 32bit debian wheezy and it is keep getting crashed while acquiring lock in TM module. Here is BT given by GDB,

Core was generated by `/usr/local/adx-ipc/sbin/opensips -P /var/run/opensips/ -m 256 -M 16'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0xb660a188 in tsl (lock=0x0) at ../../mem/../fastlock.h:86

warning: Source file is more recent than executable.
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb660a188 in tsl (lock=0x0) at ../../mem/../fastlock.h:86
#1  get_lock (lock=<optimized out>) at ../../mem/../fastlock.h:176
#2  _lock (s=<optimized out>) at lock.h:100
#3  set_timer (ext_timeout=0x0, list_id=RT_T1_TO_1, new_tl=0xa61072c0) at timer.c:899
#4  set_timer (new_tl=new_tl@entry=0xa61072c0, list_id=list_id@entry=RT_T1_TO_1, ext_timeout=0x0, ext_timeout@entry=0x1) at timer.c:876
#5  0xb66078db in _set_fr_retr (retr=<optimized out>, rb=0xa610728c) at t_funcs.h:137
#6  start_retr (rb=0xa610728c) at t_funcs.h:151
#7  t_forward_nonack (t=t@entry=0xa6107174, p_msg=p_msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, proxy=proxy@entry=0x0) at t_fwd.c:728
#8  0xb6602f6d in t_relay_to (p_msg=p_msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, proxy=proxy@entry=0x0, flags=flags@entry=0) at t_funcs.c:247
#9  0xb6619814 in w_t_relay (p_msg=0xb66aa29c, proxy=0x0, flags=0x0) at tm.c:1213
#10 0x0806441c in do_action (a=a@entry=0xb66752d0, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c) at action.c:1862
#11 0x0806bd34 in run_action_list (a=0xb66752d0, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c) at action.c:169
#12 0x080dbb48 in eval_elem (e=0xb6675344, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, val=val@entry=0x0) at route.c:1643
#13 0x080db439 in eval_expr (e=0xb6675344, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, val=val@entry=0x0) at route.c:1988
#14 0x080db567 in eval_expr (e=0xb6675370, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, val=val@entry=0x0) at route.c:2004
#15 0x080db421 in eval_expr (e=0xb667539c, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c, val=val@entry=0x0) at route.c:2009
#16 0x080646fa in do_action (a=a@entry=0xb66754c8, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c) at action.c:1111
#17 0x0806b722 in run_action_list (msg=0xb66aa29c, a=<optimized out>) at action.c:169
#18 run_actions (a=a@entry=0xb6660dac, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c) at action.c:134
#19 0x0806c106 in run_actions (msg=0xb66aa29c, a=0xb6660dac) at action.c:127
#20 run_top_route (a=a@entry=0xb6660dac, msg=msg@entry=0xb66aa29c) at action.c:209
#21 0x080c5182 in receive_msg (
    buf=0x827c5e0 "INVITE [hidden email] SIP/2.0\r\nVia: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK.gQwBAxWsi;rport\r\nFrom: <[hidden email]>;tag=1~GfF8zam\r\nTo: sip:997101701111@172.16.171"..., len=<optimized out>, rcv_info=rcv_info@entry=0xbfa16260) at receive.c:196
#22 0x081c3137 in udp_read_req (si=0xb665aaf8, bytes_read=0xbfa16328) at net/proto_udp/proto_udp.c:190
#23 0x081b42d1 in handle_io (fm=<optimized out>, idx=<optimized out>, event_type=<optimized out>) at net/net_udp.c:260
#24 handle_io (fm=<optimized out>, idx=<optimized out>, event_type=<optimized out>) at net/net_udp.c:287
#25 io_wait_loop_epoll (h=<optimized out>, t=<optimized out>, repeat=<optimized out>) at net/../io_wait_loop.h:215
#26 udp_rcv_loop (si=si@entry=0xb665aaf8) at net/net_udp.c:308
#27 0x081b6b01 in udp_start_processes (chd_rank=chd_rank@entry=0x823ff7c, startup_done=startup_done@entry=0x0) at net/net_udp.c:448
#28 0x080603f6 in main_loop () at main.c:723
#29 main (argc=11, argv=0xbfa165d4) at main.c:1260

Can you please suggest what is wrong?

Thank you.

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