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debugging problem

Andaleeb Roomy

I am not very familiar with linux debugging. I am using Eclipse. I set
a breakpoint in subscribe.c in the rls module but when I execute,
Eclipse shows the same line number getting hit in subscribe.c of
presence module. Stack shows the name of the function in which I set
the breakpoint in but shows presence/subscribe.c as the file. Can
anyone please help me understand what's going on? I think debugging
info is getting stored only once for subscribe.c or getting overridden
because of the same file name in two modules. How to deal with this? I
have tried the option "Use full file path to set breakpoints" from
Eclipse but it didn't work. It says no source file named

(This may be a general issue of debugging in linux but I am posting it
here because I encountered it while trying to step through OpenSIPS
code and could not find a solution on the internet.)



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