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Thanks for the help. Now the opensips-cp opens.
In CDRViewer tool I can display information only in certain areas of the columns in the table cdrs.
I have noticed that some fields such as Username Source, Domain Source and Destination does not exist between the columns of cdrs.
My cdrs table has the following columns:

cdr_id  | call_start_time | duration | src_uri | dst_uri | leg_status | sip_call_id   |   sip_from_tag    | sip_to_tag  | cdr_rated | created  | leg_type | leg_transition | caller_id | callee_id | in_gw | cdr_cost | cdr_type |

There is some sql file that creates these fields?

Also in table acc I have added the extra columns that the opensips_cdrs_1_4.sql procedure required:

src_leg | dst_leg | caller_id | callee_id | leg_type | leg_transition | in_gw | leg_status | cdr_id |

Thanks again for your help

Matteo Marzuola

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