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opensips-cp - same gw ip / different GW Types

Max Mühlbronner

i just came across another weird issue. There are two Gateways in
routing, both got the same IP, but two different Gateway types as
defined in opensips-cp. (type 7 / type 8)

I got some checks in my script to check for the gw Type and do some
action depending on the type of Gw used in Routing.

  if (goes_to_gw("7")) {
     do something...

  if (goes_to_gw("8")) {
     do something...

There is one corresponding Rule in opensips-cp which routes to GW1 (gw
type8...) , GW2 is not used at all...!

I can see in traces / related to the gw settings in opensips-cp
(PRI-Prefix/...) it is going to the correct gw1 (remember both got same
ip, so i can judge by looking at the prefix). But somehow the check for
gateway-types (if goes_to_gw) always thinks its the wrong gateway
type?`? If it is gw_type 8 it thinks it is 7.. (Basically it just takes
the type from gw2 --- which is not used - also marked red in opensips-cp
because not used at all. It seems like it is matching the ip two times,
and is taking the type which is lower - e.g. 7 instead of 8).

Did anyone experience something like this, is it just me or is there
something wrong with the way i am using the types and gws?`Maybe it is
not intended to be used this way?


Max M.

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