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opensips sip-xmpp gateway config - help

mani sivaraman
I configured opensips as sip-xmpp gateway in the "server" mode.
Basically I want the sip/ims client connected to this opensips server
to add contacts from another xmpp server like google talk and be able
to basic communication and exchange MESSAGES.

Attached is my opensips.cfg file. I'm able to add xmpp contact using the format


My sip client is able to subscribe for the xmpp users added. I can see
opensips printing the following on console.

Jun 10 11:19:55 [7367] INFO:presence:send_notify_request: NOTIFY
sip:[hidden email] via
sip:msivaraman@;transport=udp on behalf of
sip:smvasagam2000*[hidden email] for event

But I don't see opensips server trying to communicate to
"". When I do a "tcmdump host" I see no
traffic going to "". I get 404 Error if I try to send a
SIP MESSAGE to the newly added google talk user.

ANy one please help.

Thanks in advance.

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