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Imtermittent Audio/Video
— by Nandini Nandini
Dear All,

I am working on Opensips server with RTPproxy integrated, in a standalone intranet infrastructure.
I have a strange behavior with my set-up here is :
 >> Audio/Video calls are  just go fine with only opensips server (Without running RTPproxy instance). But with the same script and set-up sometimes i'm experiencing one-way audio/video !!.

What could be the reason for this behavior ? Is it a NAT problem ? How can i solve this issue ?

>> I was just suspecting it as NAT problem and installed RTPproxy server, with this all the audio/video calls are going fine.

But i'm curious to know about this intermittent audio/video calls that too without any changes to opensips configuration and my set-up.

Please anybody help me in resolving this issue.